The Corn Maze at Long & Scott Farms will A-Maize You!

Growing success by growing crops!

Sometimes locally-grown produce tastes the freshest! The friendly staff at Long & Scott Farms strive to make this known. Hank Scott manages Long & Scott Farms, which is a 1,200 acre farm that operates wholesale, commercial crop production. However, the farm has a smaller-scale market on the property to get fresh produce in the hands of Lake County locals.

However, there’s more to this farm than just fresh produce. Alongside an outdoor market, the farm fashions an indoor store and café that visitors can also enjoy. The quaint café offers a hometown vibe with short and tall seating options alongside chic, farm decor. Sipping a cold glass of lemonade made from hand-squeezed lemons while munching on a croissant sandwich makes for a perfect, Lake County lunch. After getting your grub on, visiting Long & Scott’s indoor store only feels natural. Inside, you can find locally-made products, from jams and jellies to sauces and spices. When browsing around for authentic food products, one can never go wrong when shopping for local goods!

If you’re looking for a family experience that is both fun and educational, Long & Scott Farms has the world to offer. Test your navigation skills with one of the farm’s various mazes, from corn mazes to a rope maze! For a more educational adventure, hop on the farm wagon and go for a tour to learn more about fresh produce and how it’s grown. If you catch yourself having downtime from the many agritainment options, explore the playgrounds and smaller attractions that are scattered throughout the property. There is never a dull moment at Long & Scott Farms!

Long & Scott Farms is an all-encompassing experience that provides entertainment, merchandise and dining, all in one place. Agritainment is truly defined at this Mount Dora farm by offering creative ways for people to interact with the agriculture industry, from educational tours to local markets. To learn more, visit the Long & Scott Farms website at You should also check out the video below for a few words from Hank Scott about why people should keep their money in their communities.

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The Corn Maze at Long & Scott Farms will A-Maize You!